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Crawl Space Dig-Out & Basement Finishing Services

Convert your crawl space into valuable, functional basement space.

Looking to transform your crawl space into a functional part of your home? Digging out your basement is a great solution especially in older homes to making the space below your home usable.

With expertise in digging out crawl spaces to convert into basements, basement lowering, and basement finishing in Denver, we turn underutilized spaces into beautiful, livable areas that add both square footage and value to your property.

PR Builders provides basement finishing services, crawl space to basement conversions, and crawl space dig out services in Denver, Boulder, and Northern Colorado.

Crawl Space to Basement Conversion Services in Denver

Especially in older homes, like those in Denver’s historic neighborhoods, crawl spaces were a common part of the original construction. Down the road, many Denver homeowners seek to convert their unused crawl space into a fully functional basement.

In these cases, a basement dig out is the perfect solution in order to gain that precious extra space. A crawl space to basement conversion can be done while being minimally invasive in your home—so you don’t have to move out during the process.

The Process: Crawl Space Dig Out for a New Basement

From concept to completion, we handle every aspect of the crawl space to basement conversion process, including excavation, structural reinforcement, and finishing touches. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate your new basement space into your existing home.

After a discussion of your needs and your budget, we do a walk-through and evaluate site conditions to determine feasibility and make plans for your project. 

Working with a structural engineer will ensure that your basement expansion is not only functional, but maintains the structural integrity of your home.

We create an access point from your yard to your crawl space in order to move in workers and materials and excavate to the desired height. We dig out your basement and offload all dirt. We aim to be the least invasive on your property as possible during this stage.

We strengthen the existing walls, floors, and supports for a successful basement expansion based on the blueprints and design determined by the structural engineer.

We ensure that the new space remains dry by installing a vapor barrier and performing a crawl space encapsulation prior to pouring concrete.

We add egress windows, insulation, flooring, utilities, etc. to make your new space functional, comfortable, and up to code. Many additional amenities can be added with  basement finishing, like wet bars, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more.

Where We Work: Crawl Space Conversion & Basement Finishing in Denver

Turn your crawl space into a basement with PR Builders.

A successful basement project requires professional, experienced basement dig out contractors. We provide our services in Denver neighborhoods including Washington Park, Congress Park, Capitol Hill, Highland, and more. We also provide basement finishing and remodeling work in Northern Colorado, including:

  • Boulder, CO
  • Fort Collins, CO
  • Loveland, CO
  • Broomfield, CO
  • Lafayette, CO
  • Lakewood, CO
  • Littleton, CO
  • Berthoud, CO
  • Longmont, CO
  • Aurora, CO
  • Arvada, CO
  • Golden, CO
  • Erie, CO
  • Centennial, CO
  • Castle Pines, CO
  • Steamboat Springs, CO
  • Superior, CO
  • And the surrounding areas

Historic Home Renovation in Denver

Crawl space to basement conversions are just one of the many renovation services we provide for homeowners in Denver.

Whether you live in a historic neighborhood like Washington Park or Highlands, or elsewhere in the Denver metro area, our expertise will guide you through the process of retaining your older home’s unique features while still adapting it to your changing needs.

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PR Builders is a general contractor for basement finishing, home remodeling, new construction, and home additions in Denver, Boulder and Northern Colorado.

Not sure whether you want to build up, out, or down? No project is too big or too complicated for us to find you a perfect solution. Our goal is to deliver exceptional results and build spaces that last for generations to come.

Because of our dedicated approach and our experience in mountain and urban settings, we’ve been trusted with building, remodeling, and finishing basements for private estates, investment properties, lifetime residences, and historic homes for an array of clientele.

Our Other Services

Turn outdated into upscale with our remodeling services. Adapt to changing needs, upgrade outdated features, and more.

Make your old home new again. We specialize in demolition & rebuild as well as full historic home renovation.

Get the space you need without relocating. We specialize in ground-level additions and second-story additions (pop tops).

Build a new custom home that’s unique to. your needs with no compromises. We specialize in modern custom homes.

FAQs: Digging Out Your Basement & Converting Your Crawl Space

Yes, you can dig out a crawl space to add a basement to your home. It will be very important to follow local building codes and regulations, obtain the proper permits, and get professional help, especially from engineers and professional contractors. Hiring a general contractor can make the process easier on you.

Whether you’re digging down to add a few extra feet of head space or excavating below your house to add a basement, this large project requires careful planning and the expertise of professionals to make sure your home will have structural integrity and be safe for a basement expansion.


The quickest way to know for sure about the feasibility of a crawl space conversion for your home is to get an assessment by a professional contractor. In most cases, your crawl space can be converted to a basement, but the process of doing so requires a lot of careful planning, structural reconfiguration, and hard work. We do not recommend you do this DIY. You will need to involve a structural engineer as well as excavators and other contractors. This is why a general contractor is a great fit for a project like a crawl space to basement conversion.

Get an Assessment from PR Builders

Whether it’s worth it to dig out your basement varies from person to person. Your decision will depend on various factors like the space you need, your budget, and the condition of your current home. Adding a basement has been a great solution for many homeowners who want to increase living space and property value, but this process can get expensive depending on your home’s current state.

Get an assessment or consultation with us by calling 970-692-3122 or reaching out online.

Digging out a crawl space to add a basement can significantly increasing living space, add value to your property, and potentially offer additional storage or rental income opportunities. By making use of a previously underutilized, dark and damp space, a crawl space dig out allows you to have more room while potentially improving home resale value.