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Achieve home additions that seamlessly blend with your existing property.

Wanting a bigger home in your favorite neighborhood? You don’t need to relocate to have the space you need. The PR Builders team are trusted, licensed, and insured home addition contractors serving Denver, Boulder, and Northern Colorado.

Kitchen remodel and home addition by PR Builders, Inc, home addition contractors in Denver, Boulder, and Northern Colorado.

Get the space you need—without relocating.

With high new home costs and a rapidly changing real estate market, opting for home additions in Denver often proves to be one of the most practical and cost-effective solutions for getting the most usability out of your current home.

As home addition contractors, we’ll help you achieve:

We know that one of your hardest challenges is finding the right home addition contractors for the job.

PR Builders is a trusted, licensed and insured general contractor for discerning homeowners in Denver, Boulder, and Northern Colorado.

Over the time you work with us, we get to know you and how you live your lives—so that we can take it all into consideration to build a home that’s truly made for you. All those fine details and must-haves? You’ll only have to say it once, and we’ll make it happen.

All that’s left for you to do is enjoy the process.

We deliver a streamlined approach to home building that’s respectful of you, your time, and your investment.

A Results-Driven Team.

We bring to the table an expert problem-solving that’s sought-after and not easily found. Not only has our team been trained to find solutions, but they’ll be quick to follow through, tackling projects deftly and delivering outcomes that go far beyond your average home addition contractor.

A Client-Centric Experience.

Because our team is forward-thinking, personable, and problem-solving, you’ll always feel comfortable reaching out and you’ll be presented with a variety of options to meet your needs.

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Project Execution: Working with PR Builders

Additions and home renovations are some of the largest but most rewarding projects you can undertake. We have a singular focus when it comes to home additions: getting things done, and getting them done right the first time. And with our 2-year, no-hassle warranty, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the work we complete for you is built to last. Now, start your home addition with confidence!

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Home Addition Contractors Near Me

As residential general contractors for home additions in Colorado, we’re experienced in mountain and urban settings, particularly with large, extensive projects.

You can find our finished work in Boulder, Erie, Fort Collins, and these Denver neighborhoods near you:

  • Cherry Creek
  • Cherry Hills Village
  • Englewood
  • Greenwood Village
  • Hilltop
  • Lakewood
  • Littleton
  • Washington Park

Get Answers to Your Home Addition & Remodeling Questions.

There are 6 factors that influence your home addition’s cost: 

  1. Size and complexity
  2. Materials required or chosen customization for the addition
  3. Any structural changes needed
  4. Extensive plumbing or electrical changes needed
  5. Permits and inspections needed
  6. Location and market conditions


Get a more detailed estimate on how much your home addition, pop top addition, or bump-out will cost with our company when you send us a message online.

When considering your options, the difference lies here: a remodel can free up your space, but home additions are the only way to add square footage. Only you can decide which of the two will serve your goals, and we’ll help you come to the decision of which is feasible. When you discuss it with us, we’ll consider your budget, your space requirements, zoning and regulations, your long-term goals, and your desired project timeline among other things to give clarity to your decision.

The main difference is the size and scale. A home addition is the construction of a completely new section onto your home (either to the ground level or adding a level) to add significant square footage, usually in the form of full rooms. A bump-out is a smaller addition that extends from a single existing room to expand floor area but is not a completely new room or wing. Unlike additions that can be multi-level, bump-outs are typically done room by room on the ground level only.

Deciding between a pop-top (second-story addition) or a ground-level addition will depend primarily on structural feasibility. We can determine if your house’s foundation and structure can support an additional story as part of our pre-construction process. Building regulations and local zoning laws may also play a role in determining the feasibility of adding a level vs. adding to the ground level. This decision will also depend on your budget, as adding a story generally involves more extensive construction than adding to the ground level. Reach out to us with any questions you may have on your project.

While we’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting our craft, you’ll get a response to your online request in as soon as one hour! For more immediate inquiries, feel free to give us a call at 970-692-3122 so you can feel confident in your next steps forward. We promise to never share or sell your personal information, just to use it to get you the best quote possible.

From experience, we know that home additions themselves are a daunting thought. We’re here to talk options and give you clarity on your next steps forward. Whether or not you have plans already, we’ll see to it that your vision becomes reality. We’re quick to offer solutions—and ready to follow through. Get a free consultation on a home addition.

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