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New Home Construction

Experience a streamlined approach to home building that’s respectful of you, your property, your time, and your investment.

Whether you’re building or adding on to your home, see how we work seamlessly with you and your design team to make your plans a reality.

Denver, CO

Uniquely modern homes with excellent craftsmanship in common.

PR Builders brings to tangible reality the design preferences of highly discerning clients in Denver and Boulder’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

Our network of partners and our deliberately assembled team allow us to offer a client-first building experience that’s truly streamlined—every single time. Because you can trust us with your time and investment, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy the process.

Over the time you work with us, we get to know you and how you live your lives—so that we can take it all into consideration to build a home that’s truly made for you. All those fine details and must-haves? You’ll only have to say it once, and we’ll make it happen.

New Home Building

Build a new custom home on your land that’s unique to you, with no compromises. 

We are local modern home builders specializing in luxury custom homes. We’ve been trusted with many unique residences, each build as unique as those who call it home.

  • Building on Your Empty Lot
  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
  • Residential Property Development

Demolition & Rebuild (Scrapes)

Tear down the old and create a new home exactly how you envision it. 

We work with developers to rebuild homes and provide more square footage for the growing needs of Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins residents.

  • Property Development
  • Foundational & Structural Rebuilding
  • Redevelopment or Expansion

Pop Tops & Home Additions

Expand your living space and get more use out of your current home.

Do you love your home and your neighborhood? You don’t need to relocate to have the space you need.

  • Add A Level 
  • Ground Level Additions
  • Master Suite Additions

Get to Know Who’s Working on Your Home

Since your project is not only a large investment but a personal one, a skilled team who understands your vision is key to your project’s success.

As a licensed and insured general contractor, we assemble a team of professionals to ensure each job is done smoothly and skillfully no matter the size or complexity.

At PR Builders, we have a singular focus: getting things done, and getting them done right the first time—respecting you, your time, and your investment. You can trust that your property is in capable hands and set up for success from the outset.

Recognizing your projects’ immense value, we tackle them deftly and deliver outcomes that go far beyond your average home builder. It’s this outstanding experience that keeps our clients coming back to work with us again and again.

Client-centric experience.

Because our team is forward-thinking, personable, and problem-solving, you’ll always feel comfortable reaching out and you’ll be presented with a variety of options to meet your need.

High-end quality.

Because of our longstanding relationships with our vendors, you can make selections from some of the finest products at special rates that translate to direct savings for you.

Streamlined approach.

Because of our network of professionals as a general contractor, we’re able to offer a truly seamless experience from the mind of your design team to tangible reality—while respecting your time and your investment.

Get A Quote on Your Build Project

“Quality work done right with clear, upfront estimate. Very smooth process from initial consultation to completion.”

See how we can give you the same results.

  • Free, No-Commitment Estimates
  • Licensed, Insured, & Trusted 
  • Leave Permitting & Project Management to Us!
  • All Work is Warrantied


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How Can We Help You Get Started on Your New Build?

Denver, Boulder, & Fort Collins Home Builders

As luxury custom home builders in Colorado, we’re experienced in mountain and urban settings, particularly with complex custom projects.

You can find our finished work in Boulder, Erie, Fort Collins, and these Denver neighborhoods near you:

  • Cherry Creek
  • Cherry Hills Village
  • Englewood
  • Greenwood Village
  • Hilltop
  • Lakewood
  • Littleton
  • Washington Park


Tackle New Home Building with No Surprises.

Demolition and rebuilding (or scraping) is becoming increasingly popular in Denver’s metro area as the needs of Colorado homeowners are increasingly changing. Scraping off the house from your property to redevelop it is possible, but its feasibility and your decision may depend on things like:

  • Local building codes, zoning restrictions, and historic preservation regulations
  • Environmental factors like hazardous materials
  • Cost analysis
  • The market demand and consideration of the surrounding neighborhood

Request more information.

If you’re redeveloping your property, a scrape (knockdown and rebuild) or a full remodel may both be viable options. The question of whether or not you can rebuild may be answered for you by Denver’s preservation guidelines as they apply to its historic districts. Other considerations you should make are nearby scrape projects and what they sold for, the real estate market conditions in your area, and the home’s current structural condition. Consult with real estate professionals, architects, and contractors experienced in both remodeling and new construction.

Get more information in a free consultation.

We’ll work seamlessly with you at whatever stage of the process you’re in, in order to transition your project in a way that’s most respectful of your time. To begin the building process, you’ll need to know your needs and goals with getting your new home built—this includes desired size, number of rooms, desired features, and your budget, among other things. We highly recommend that you hire an architect to get your plans on paper before hiring your custom home builder. Once you know what you are looking for and you have a plan in place, your builder will be able to take that and run with it much faster.

Before home building can start comes a pre-construction process. In this “discovery” phase, plans are made up if you do not have them already. Following the creation or receipt of your architectural blueprints, we do the pre-work necessary to a successful build, including engineering reports, feasibility studies, site evaluation, permitting, and much more. This process is extensive but comprehensive, and the results of your pre-construction agreement are yours to keep and not proprietary to PR Builders.

While we’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting our craft, you’ll get a response to your online request in as soon as one hour! For more immediate inquiries, feel free to give us a call at 970-692-3122 so you can feel confident in your next steps forward. We promise to never share or sell your personal information, just to use it to get you the best quote possible.

From experience, we know that building a home from the ground up can be a daunting thought. Whether or not you have plans already, we’re here to give you options and clarity on your next steps forward. If you’re looking to build in Denver, Fort Collins, or Northern Colorado, feel free to get a free consultation from us on a custom new build.