Custom Home Architects

Visualize and refine the design of your new build or remodeling project, ensuring it’s feasible, accurately represented, and aligned with your vision before starting.

Taking into account your location, project scope, and your needs and budget, we pair you with a professional custom home architect that has experience in your unique project type.

Site Evaluation & Schematic Design

During site evaluation, we assess the site’s natural characteristics, uncover the design possibilities, and study the feasibility of your project.

An existing conditions survey helps to determine the property’s suitability for your vision and identify what’s necessary for achieving your goals.

Using this information, we develop schematic drawings that outline the site’s existing conditions, basic design concepts, spatial relationships, and the form of the proposed project.

Design Development

In the design development phase, we refine the initial schematic designs based on your feedback, site constraints, and functional requirements.

This stage involves translating conceptual ideas into more detailed architectural plans, elevations, and 3D renderings, helping you visualize the proposed site inside and out.

We organize all the details and explore various design options, materials, and building systems to optimize your project’s functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Construction Documents

To prepare for the construction phase, working drawings and detailed construction documentation is produced for your approved design.

During this phase, we start the review and approval process with the local planning department and design review boards as applicable. Your construction drawings are submitted to the local building department for permits. The architect ensures that your builder has all the details they need to bid the project—and that you can now proceed through the construction process with ease.

Our Other Pre-Construction Services

See What’s Possible: Hire an Architect for Your Remodel or New Build in Denver, Boulder, or Northern Colorado

Set your project up for success and see how you can benefit from pre-construction services.

Our home remodel architects are experienced with a variety of projects from full remodels, crawl space to basement conversions, home additions, new construction, and more.

About PR Builders

Since your home project is not only a large investment but a personal one, a skilled team who understands your vision is key to your project’s success.

Founded by second-generation builder Phil Boonstra, PR Builders has a proven track record of reliability and high-quality work across many different project types, having successfully completed over $10 million in residential projects.

Understanding the complexities of the industry firsthand, our number one priority is that your projects run seamlessly—in even the most demanding municipalities like Denver and Boulder.

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