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Partial Second Story Additions

Looking to add on to your home? Second-story additions can provide valuable extra space.

In Denver’s ever-changing real estate market, our local homeowners are always on the lookout for smart solutions to getting more space out of the homes they own. Partial second story additions can provide up to double your square footage and get you a great return on your investment.

Partial second story additions (sometimes called pop tops) are when you add an upstairs level only to a portion of your home. Adding a second story to your existing house is not only possible, but a popular option for many property owners, even in older homes.

Building a Second Story vs. a Traditional Home Addition

Considering home expansion? If you’re wondering to build up or out, here are the distinctions to remember.

Second Story Additions

A second-story addition, or “popping the top” on your home, is to essentially add another floor, maximizing vertical space without changing the original ground-level footprint. These are common when you want to preserve yard space on a small lot while still gaining valuable square footage. They’re also a smart choice when your home’s current configuration doesn’t allow for an easy or logical addition of the types of rooms you desire. When deciding to build up, you’ll need to pay special attention to local zoning laws for height restrictions.

Traditional Home Additions

Traditional home additions extend horizontally to the side or rear, increasing the ground-level footprint of your property. Where you have the lot space, these additions provide ample room for expansion. Traditional home additions require the same amount of consideration before undertaking: You’ll need to make sure you meet zoning regulations, pass structural assessments, and plan for the extension of your HVAC and utilities.

If the home addition process seems complicated, we’d love to help you with everything from local laws and permitting to structural tests to matching the new exterior to the current! Get a consultation.

Partial Second Story vs. Full Second Story Addition (Pop Top): What are the Pros & Cons?

Not sure whether a partial second story or a full second story addition is best? The size of your second-level addition will affect your costs, but also determines how much space you will get out of the project. 

Choosing a Partial Second Story Addition

Adding a partial level is great if you’re looking for lower costs compared to a full second story addition. And with a relatively small and simple addition, your home is less likely to require extensive structural changes. However, while you save on time and materials compared to building a full level, you still have to invest in a lot of the same processes, leading many to make the most of their projects and opt for a full second story addition (pop top).

If you only need one or two extra rooms, and a partial second story addition works with your home’s current aesthetics—and your budget—this is a great option.

Pros: Cost savings, potentially fewer structural complications, quicker construction, ease of integration

Cons: Limited space added, future expansion challenges, limited value added


Opting for a Full Second Story Addition (Pop Top)

After putting the time, effort, and planning into an addition, many homeowners opt to get the most bang for their buck by building a full second level and adding the most space possible. While these projects take longer, they typically see higher returns on your investment than smaller, partial pop tops—ranging from a 65% to 80%+ ROI according to most reports.

Pros: Maximum space increase, boosted home value, most conducive to long term space needs

Cons: Higher cost, longer construction time, structural requirements

Start Your Second-Story Home Addition with PR Builders

PR Builders is a residential general contractor for home additions, home remodels, new custom home construction in Denver metro and Northern Colorado.

Build your dream home with confidence and let us make the process pain-free for you! PR Builders specializes in home additions, remodeling, and custom home building in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and the surrounding local neighborhoods in Denver metro and Northern Colorado.

Get more information about our business, a walkthrough of the process, or a free no-hassle consultation by contacting us online or by phone.

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